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Lead Connector.

At its core, the BIGGIE Brands marketing platform automates tasks seamlessly in the background—it’s like having your own team of marketing assistants.

Marketing automation software not only helps organize and boost sales but also enhances customer service while saving you time and money. Any business can reap the benefits of our marketing platform.

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Sending email nurture campaigns, following up on ad spend or cold leads, scheduling sales calls, sending appointment reminders, and asking for customer reviews post-purchase are just a few of the many time-consuming marketing tasks.

Automating these processes is essential for efficiently managing your customer relationships.

Case Study

Cartridge World

Cartridge World showcases how automated digital marketing can assist busy franchise owners by managing repetitive marketing tasks. We’ve used targeted drip campaigns to reactivate their customer databases, generate hundreds of cold leads, and establish follow-up automations. Let’s look at some real-world examples of how we collaborate with franchisees.

Need new customers? Reach more people in your local area than ever before with our prospecting tool.


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