We were contacted by Kalise Gartner who goes by the gamer tag Pixl Sugr. Kalise is a professional ESPORTS gamer. She had just gotten back from the EVO tournament in Las Vegas which is one of the largest global video game events in the US. Pixl wanted to enhance her image and hired us to take her brand to the next level with her growing popularity in the community.

We also extensively curated her social media, creating specific posts/content for her followers weekly.

We created targeted FB and Instagram ads, created landing pages, and engaged in A/B split testing to see which ads converted into sales.

After COVID stopped the local competitive scenes from competing, she closed her Shopify store for a more cost-effective Threadless Artist store.


We designed an entire product line and set up a high converting ecommerce store on Shopify to bolster her existing social media presence and engage her loyal followers.

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