9 Out of 10 People Won’t Read Past Your Headline.
Find Out Why.

Well, Why?

Simply put, your headline wasn’t written by an experienced copywriter.

There isn’t a single ad or product description you’ve scrolled across that didn’t use copywriting, which is why businesses actively rely on it to get their call to action across:

“This is why you need our product!”

Did you know that 90% of people online won’t read past your headline if it doesn’t interest them? This is where a good copywriter can make all the difference in how people interact with your offer.

What is Copywriting?

Well, what isn’t copywriting at this point? Every product description, every email, social media, or blog post you’ve seen about a product or service is copywriting at work. Writing copy leans all of its hefty weight on whether or not the words can break through to your audience and convince them they must have what you’ve got! That’s why your copy must be unique and informative.

Good copy can convert page views to sales, and who doesn’t want that? Bad copy makes your potential customer keep on scrolling. 

Think about it.

No one will be tempted to reach for their wallet for a generic, hollow paragraph about your business’s product or service. Readers want a story to weave together a picture of how this could improve their lives or solve a common problem.


Good Copywriting is key to your business

For example, let’s say you’re at the grocery store. You see a store-brand bag of chips in the snack aisle, and you think maybe it tastes better and is cheaper than the usual Nacho Cheese Doritos, but as a fan of the product would you take a risk in buying something else?? No, because Doritos has purposely created viral content that solidifies their strong branding to deliver a consistent experience, so you already trust them more to deliver a quality product. 

In fact, Doritos just launched a TikTok campaign to find their Flavor Confirmer, whose entire job is to taste one Dorito chip a day to make sure their flavor delivers the cheesy crunchiness we all know and love.  

Image courtesy of Doritos

Why Does My Business Need Copywriting?

What typically happens without a good copywriter is your message sinks into the endless ocean that is the internet. Most business owners’ self-written attempts to convey what their business can do for others most times – misses the mark. You probably haven’t noticed bad copy because you already scrolled right past it. 

Have you ever been browsing and felt your eyes glaze over when reading wordy social media posts, vague product descriptions, and a lot of seemingly random data? 

That’s bad copy.

However, copywriters play off human emotion in a blend of psychology and art. They understand people need their information to come in servings, easy to chew on but savory enough to make them want more. They write to educate, but also to show readers why they should buy your product! 

Copywriters also provide your business the tools it needs to stay visible. Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices in copywriting makes your product appear more often when users are searching for articles with specific keywords. Copywriters take time to thoroughly research and implement high-value, trending keywords relating to your product’s features when creating content, that way it’s more likely to appear when searched for on search engines like Google.

Should I Copywrite For My Own Business?

As a business owner, your responsibilities already have you stretched thin. You have your work cut out for you in the logistics of delivering your product and its services. Finding the time to focus on writing copy that successfully converts customers is a stressful commitment and a huge learning curve.

The way you would hire a plumber to fix a busted pipe, or a factory to manufacture a physical item, it only makes sense to hire an expert copywriter for your business. There are many options for finding qualified copywriters, whether it be a freelancer or through a marketing agency (like ours!).

Copywriters are all about building the emotional bridge between you and your audience, and you’re all about ensuring your product or service has the quality they promise.

Is Copywriting Expensive?

Not as expensive as you’re thinking.

Every business has to invest in itself so it can grow, and copywriting is no exception. It is a key component in building a customer base, and in comparison to typical business costs, the value of having good copy far exceeds its price. 

Copywriters also don’t typically charge by the hour, so the price for the time and effort they put into your branding remains consistent. Their pricing can change depending on what kind of content you’re looking for, so don’t worry about social media posting services being as expensive as a biweekly 4000-page blog post. 

Copy does not need to break the bank but remember you’re paying for the quality and consistency to grow an audience.

Where Can I Hire A Copywriter Right Now?

Right here at BIGGIE Brands! We consider ourselves your marketing partner, let us help you create more effective copy that makes a difference.

Book a call with us today.

Let our experts take your copy to the next level.

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