Why I am a horrible marketer.
Just like you.

Wait, What?

Don’t you run a marketing agency

I do. 

I am just like any other business owner out there. I focus on the business at hand and turn all my attention to my customers, making sure their needs are fulfilled first, before anything else for my own business. What happens is that everything I teach, everything I preach gets thrown by the wayside after I am done for the day. It’s also not my team’s job to focus on the companies marketing efforts, they are busy enough.

My friend and Social Media Guru Kate Buck Jr.  recently wrote a post that encouraged me to make sure to spend time doing the opposite. 

I am literally forcing myself to write this blog post today.

Truth is, I’m just like you. In my case, I run multiple businesses, manage my teams and even though some need less attention than others I’m always running from client to team member, or maybe, in your world, from fire to fire putting them out. When one fire goes out, someone pings me “HIGH ALERT”! Then there’s another one around the corner that needs attention.

Sound Familiar?

When I consult with a client on marketing, I am giving them advice on how many social posts they need to produce in a week, what those post need to include. That they need to work on their blog for SEO, (Search engine optimization) or schdule a time for us to create content together.

I push TikTok development as you can spend a whole day creating a month’s worth of post around your business.

Once I put together a pretty intense social media / web redesign / digital marketing proposal for a cannabis brand, and they were like, “Sounds like you have a pretty detailed plan, but we looked at your social media, and you barely have anything.”


Bad Marketer 2

Oh man, that was embarrassing. I sell marketing, but my own profiles were lacking.

That’s what I’m talking about today. In all my years working with small and medium businesses, this has always been true. Can they market their business effectively when they take on so many roles? Keeping up with day-to-day work and being the marketing lead of your brand is tough. 

Keeping up with all the marketing trends, products, software, and methods is a full-time job. 

I’m here today, keeping my word. To not only provide my clients with VIP marketing services, such as Digital Marketing to existing clients, Cold Lead Marketing to attract new clients, SEO Marketing to help their websites get organic traffic, and even Ad Buying to get paid traffic – when it comes to doing what needs to be done for my own buisnes I have to make it a priority to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

If you don't have the time or ability to do these things -
we can do it for you.

We consider ourselves your marketing partner, you go back to running your business and taking care of your customers. We will focus on making sure your business is walking the walk when it comes to effectively marketing your brand.


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